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Stakes were high, so were our expectations. When Wild Beast’s latest album “Present Tense” arrived in our hands it just hit our “sweetest spot”. However, speaking in their tongues if Wild Beasts used to be our musical “mecca”; a sanctuary of our deepest emotions, we’d rather wait for their future work as the present seems rather dull.

A band whose all three previous albums were better one another failed to impress us with their latest work. It honestly hurts that little gems like “A dog’s life” and “Past Perfect” seem to lose their glory in an incoherent record, but still are there to remind us of their greatest past. Better luck next time, until then… – Ioannis D. for The Week ID 

AJ Salgado

I think Wild Beasts are one of the most exciting bands at work today, with two brilliant albums out of the three: if 2009’s Two Dancers is a good album, 2011’s Smother is a great one. Early musings promised Present Tense would be the one to break into the mainstream. But it’s with this burden of past greatness that it finds its shortcoming: it’s an okay album that follows two brilliant albums. The trouble kicks in at the halfway mark, where the album sputters out, with a series of songs so lackluster it’s a mystery why they’re included. The standout is “Past Perfect”, both commercial and true to their sound: a simple, dark tune laced with a pop sensibility. Yet on its own, any individual song seems a little naked, as WB remain one of those bands earlier work demanded listening as a whole. Here, I’m skipping track by track. What a shame. – AJ Salgado.

The news about Wild Beasts comeback sounded very promising after their  three-year absence.

Although their previous album “Smother” is being considered by most as their best work so far, it fails to impress me as much as Present Tense did. Their awe-inspiring craftsmanship on songwriting, alongside Hayden Thorpe’s and Tom Fleming’s mixture of fragile and dark vocals, enhances the result of the album and sets it to the next level.

“Daughters” seems to be my personal highlight of the album and I think represents the bands  geniality in music making. Present Tense is definitely an album that needs some time to be fully appreciated. – Dimitris P.

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