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Vérité - Underdressed

A recurring trend within contemporary songwriting is the phrase “everything is everything.” The phrase is often used as a response to circumstances in which a person is rambling on about a particular issue, but nothing is going to change. Commonly devoted to the art of setting the scene, “everything is everything” is, above all, a melodramatic tool to help the listener identify with the narrative of the song.


In the context of ‘Underdressed’, a conflicted new song from New York upstart Vérité, “everything means everything” sets the scene of a relationship in all its glory and gore. Here, our narrator is caught somewhere between insecurity (“you could convince me to tie my hair back / relive the years I’ve left behind”) and self-assurance (“give me just a little truth / leave me”) all well aware that her love life is in a state of flux. The tides of personal turmoil are high within ‘Underdressed’; the weightless chorus lets the frustration of the verses run deep and wild, as Vérité is snapping to catch her breath. Much like Tove Lo on ‘Talking Body’, she is subtly bemoaning a casual approach to sex, and at the same time hanging on by a heartbeat, like Sky Ferreira does it on ‘Everything Is Embarrassing’. In time, you cannot avoid the consequences of a haunted relationship, as there is a fine line between “everything means everything” and “nothing is numbing.

Underdressed’ is produced by Stefan Gräslund (known for his work on the Charli XCX album Sucker) and is the first taste off Vérité’s upcoming Living EP. The independent artist is currently gearing up for a US tour starting in April.

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