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Simo Cell – Reading Rashid| WEEKID TRACKS

Simo Cell (Simon Aussel) is definitely a DJ and producer to watch. His debut was put out by Livity Sound’s sister label Dnuos Ytivil, after a brief meeting with Hodge sparked the Livity Sound affiliate’s interest in his music. Cellar Door/ Piste Jaune fits seamlessly with the Bristol label’s trademark sound and marked an excellent platform to build from. Also, with a fortnightly show on Rinse France, he’s sure to gain momentum through such a respected outlet.

Simo Cell’s second EP, I.M.O. (Icy Moon Orbiter), was released this month on France’s Fragile Musique. The label has proved itself to be one of quality and diversity, covering Society of Silence’s blissful dub-techno, Bluereed’s psychedelic experimental noise, The Analogue Cop’s raw sample laden techno, Marcellus Pittmann’s Detroit deepness and countless artists’ interesting styles in between.

In line with Fragile’s open-minded curation, Simo Cell brings his own sound to the label. With the EP being named after a NASA probe that was set to explore Jupiter’s Icy Moons (the project was abandoned), it is no surprise that the 4 tracks evoke extraterrestrial themes. The EP’s opener, Reading Rashid stands out in Icy Moon Orbiter. Almost like a soundtrack to NASA’s aborted probe’s journey to Jupiter, the track builds with warm and spacey chords, alongside sparse sub-heavy kicks and shuffling hi-hats, simulating the intensity of its launch. A glistening, high-pitched arpeggio follows the launch, with cosmic chords and fizzing high-hats creating an imagined representation of the probe’s journey through space. The track closes with the arpeggio unaccompanied by percussion, leaving a sense of peaceful harmony at the end of the journey. Whilst Reading Rashid is certainly cinematic, played out at the right time it has the means to leave a particularly euphoric impact on a dance floor.

I.M.O. builds upon Simo Cell’s percussive excellence exhibited on his Dnuos Ytivil release, but also shows his synth work to be equally as effective. Treading a more electro influenced path now, I’m looking forward to what Simo Cell’s next release will bring.

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