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Max Cooper – Human | FIELDS

Ioannis Diakonikolas

I have been following Max Cooper for the past two years, eagerly anticipating this moment. His debut album, Human, is the esoteric journey of the sophisticated mind of an electronic music producer.
Max plays with the soft and hard elements of ambient, creating an amalgam of classical minimalism and heavy drone, mixed with organic sounds and infused with hard techno beats. With tracks that wouldn’t be out of place in a sonic art installation at MoMA, to club floor-fillers for Berghain, Max Cooper manages to deliver a true WEEKID album.
An amorphous, musical hybrid evolving to something more “human”. – Ioannis Diakonikolas for The WeekID

Lorenzo Cibrario
Finally, thanks to Max Cooper, this generation has its own “…I Care Because You Do”, and thank god it is almost as remarkable as the masterpiece by Aphex Twin. The British biologist Max Cooper gave up his scientific tools to embrace the role of the electronic musician, without leaving behind a serious severity in the process of creation. This full record is called Human, and it follows several EPs of previous years. The quality of the songs are impressive and the record alternates between ambient periods and moments that can only be described as “brain music” (in the shade of Tim Exile, Squarepusher and Aphex Twin). The man and the machine are perfectly combined on this record, which has a robotic brain but a human body; the mind and the heart of Max Cooper. – Lorenzo Cibrario

After releasing a good number of original tracks and remixing some of my favourite artists (Mmoths, Hot Chip, Halls…), Max Cooper has finally released his first LP on Fields. In Human, he delivers hypnotic techno and evanescent electronica, that is haunted by the finitude of human existence and life in its most biological sense. His fascination for the human condition delivers a deeply touching LP that radiates with emotion. Human is a complex album and the brilliant result of an unexpected mix between philosophical considerations, genetics and organic electronic music. For those who have yet to get the chance to see Max Cooper live, don’t miss the launch party at Crucifix Lane on Saturday the 5th of April. I’ ll definitely be there. – Maud L.


9 Ioannis Diakonikolas / Week ID
8 Lorenzo Cibrario
8 Maud L.

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