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Two years have passed since Liars previous album WIXIW (=wish you).
The NY based trio, whose back catalogue seems utterly delirious, return with their new album, “Mess”. A heavily layered and complex addition to a uniquely diverse collection from a great band. It consists of dirty beats and hints of post-punk aggression.

I can’t be sure whether the vibe was intended to be seduction that turned into sleaze, or not. The most admirable element of Mess, is it’s unexpected glitchi-ness which adds a dance ambience to the record. My personal highlight of the album is undoubtedly “Darkslide”, where Liars experiment with their own crafted techno, and surprisingly they achieve what Thom Yorke has recently failed to do. Does the band still remain innovative, challenging and artfully eccentric? Hell, yes.
Then let’s get messy! – Ioannis Diakonikolas


Liars have summed up the energy of their seventh studio release in one simple word: Mess. We’re not surprised by the repetitive glitches, droning vocals and heavy bass lines because the album title has said it all for us. Although it could be considered a jarring and hollow listening experience on the surface, you will soon be drawn into the infectious hooks; it’s an organised and well-thought out mess.

What differentiates Mess from their previous effort, 2012’s WIXIW, is the physicality of the album. It has all of the elements of a strong dance album – certainly the ability to get you moving – with the added, distinctively dark, Liars sound. It is only in the closing track, Left Speaker Blown, that we’re reminded of the power of the band during their quieter, more controlled moments, which translates to a bittersweet ending as we’re left wanting more. – Jason Lucas

Liars is a band hard to put into words. They have played with many genres: punk, rock, no- wave, electro… With their new album entitled Mess, the band seems to confirm the electronic turn they took with their 2012 WIXIW. Some will speak about creative genius, others will speak about a lack of constance.

Liars are definitely in a constant state of evolution, and this last album is a success. The album can be separated in two. The first half is intense with a series of alternative dance tracks, the second one is more subtle, less accessible.

Mess is an electronic explosion that will make you dance for sure. – Maud L.

8 Ioannis Diakonikolas for TheWEEKiD
8 Jason Lucas
8 Maud L.

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