Kacy Hill – Foreign Fields

Kacy Hill – Foreign Fields


The distance between the mind and the heart oftentimes leaves us at war and truce with ourselves, and on her second musical offering newcomer Kacy Hill is gradually learning the workings of her inner machinery. A ballad like so many ballads before it ‘Foreign Fields’ is a hushed plea of steep sentimentality – inspired by the brushstrokes of James Blake’s odd-angled pop palette the former American Apparel model subsumes the elemental power of minimalism, thus not only letting the listener to realize just how much is missing, but how much is gained by leaving out certain colours from the picture.

Aesthetically, ‘Foreign Fields’ is the musical twin of Blake’s conflicted ‘The Wilhelm Scream’; both records dwell in the spareness of skeletal piano chords and a digitized clatter of drums, slowly unfolding into a deconstruction of personal turmoil. The austere feel of the Hill’s silky falsetto answers back at Blake’s ruminative confession of uncertainty – perhaps unaware of how they are tearing themselves asunder on record – both songs feel caught somewhere between fight and surrender. Yet the music transcend its own uncertainty, slowly tearing itself apart from the inside, becoming both the stress and the masseuse – I guess that is the sound of a heart put into motion.

Kacy Hill introduced herself at the end of 2014 with the song ‘Experience’. Her newest offering ‘Foreign Fields’ is produced by Jack Garratt and features a music video directed by fashion photographer Rankin. She is signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music.

Kacy Hill - Foreign Fields
Kacy Hill – Foreign Fields

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