Ibeyi – Ghosts


Spectres glow whimsically.

Ibeyi glided into the sonic sphere a few months ago with their EP “Oya” and it was love at first listen. The French-Cuban duo and sisters, Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz, boasts the most soulful of melodies that turn timeless with lusciously incorporated electronic tempo. The Cuban influences are palpable, partly through the legacy of their father, Anga Diaz, percussionist with the Buena Vista Social Club. Yet Ibeyi avidly avoid categorisation, experimenting and delivering with maturity that far outweighs their respective 19 years.

In their most recent track “Ghosts”, the twin sisters reveal more of their repertoire to the listener’s joy. Ethereal overlapping vocals – eliciting memories of polyphonic songs – build up through swaying and staccato rhythms. There is yearning in the honeyed voices, as they drift and spin their tale. These are ghosts both saddened yet whimsical, spectres of a sensual sorrow. The crescendo comes, subversive, as Ibeyi switch to the Yoruba dialect, an attractive pattern that has been slowly emerging through their work.

With their ability to produce tracks that combine their range and soul with tempos that become addictive, there is no doubt that 2015 will be the year of Ibeyi.

Ibeyi’s self-titled album is out February 16th on XL Recordings.

Ibeyi – Ghosts

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