HVL – Liquify

HVL - Liquify


Georgian DJ and producer, HVL, debuted his now-signature blend of blissfully deep and atmospheric house / techno on Frankfurt’s prolific and multi-faceted imprint in 2013. He has since followed this up with a string of consistently excellent releases on a range of labels including Rough House Rosie, Perpetual Rhythms and Organic Analogue Records. HVL’s productions never fail to offer something unique, yet you can always expect to find yourself lost deep within his rich analogue textures, filled with dubby effects, captivating percussion and intriguing samples.

Alongside his productions, HVL DJs regularly at the nightclub Bassiani in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and has played alongside the likes of Legowelt, Mike Servito and Marco Shuttle. With gigs lined up in Paris and Berlin this month, it looks as if 2016 will see him share his talents behind the decks with clubbers across Europe and beyond.

Whilst HVL’s productions often drift by gracefully at a sub-120bpm pace, he puts his foot down with Liquify, accelerating far beyond the chime of his previously more hazy beats, to a 135bpm electro-leaning stomp. The track is built around bubbling sub bass kicks, shimmering hi-hats and sharp snare hits. Warm chords rise and fall throughout, accompanying a euphoric and spacey acid line, which work together to construct the cinematic and sublime atmosphere HVL has perfected. Currently there is no release scheduled for Liquify, but I look forward to hearing how this experimentation will affect his forthcoming releases.

His next release ‘Cosmic Hum’ is scheduled for 18th January.

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