Holly Herndon – Interference


Holly Herndon – Interference

One time, while drowning the pressure of my heady ambitions in a pool of self-hatred, a friend told me: “You punish yourself for being yourself.” At that point in my life I did not realize the actual meaning of the sentence, although I remember it hitting me as a sucker-punch. The phrase interfered with the rhyme of my reasoning in some capacity, and started to kick me in the guts every time I felt like jamming myself for not living up to my own expectations. As I lived a little, the phrase became a part of my essential go-to lingo, while still keeping it to me as a deeply personal part of my being, a way to reset my stream of consciousness whenever I started to go into selfdestruct.

Listening to Holly Herndon’s discombobulated new track ‘Interference’ I feel like I have found a way to sonically explain the feeling of punishing yourself for actually realizing your potential. Herndon has never shied away from evoking the disorienting layers of the mind and body – Her brilliant debut album played as a gurgling movement of high-level electronic composition projected through a prism of pop ideals – and ‘Interference’ is yet a new meditation on her already expansive artistry. Here Herndon transfigure off-kilter bass elements of the modern club sound, jam it together with a rupture of galvanized sonics bouncing off the walls, creating the feel of shattered glass against the floor. Yet, there is some sign of comfort left beneath these massive layers of contorted whiplash; Herndon creates fantastical music, music that does not decidedly let you come to reason with your gut-feeling at first. ‘Interference’ is the sound of vulnerability, but it is also the sound of mincing ones creativity in order to reach progression. Loving yourself is complicated, after all.

‘Interference’ is the opening track on Holly Herndon’s new album Platform, out on May 18th, 2015 on 4AD, in cooperation with RVNG Intl

Holly Herndon - Interference | Platform
Holly Herndon – Interference | Platform

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