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FKA Twigs’ fruit machine of merchandise.

Style queen, FKA Twigs, has launched her new website and also coming with the launch of her website, is her own line of merchandise.

Being so prominent within the fashion industry for her eclectic style, the merchandise isn’t just going to simply feature her album cover with tour dates on a t-shirt. The merchandise is filled with statement pieces that show both your style and your undying love for Twigs.

The collection consists of t-shirts and orange-lined MA-1 flight jackets, teaming up with artists, illustrators and designers to bring her audio-visual archive to life. Illustrator Lavonnia Brown has done a distinctive outline of Twigs’ face on a white t-shirt. Digital artist Igansi Monreal has heat pressed a shot from the Papi Pacify video onto a black t-shirt.

Fka Twigs merchandiseFka Twigs MerchFka Twigs Merchandise Fka Twigs Merchandise

There are three different versions of the flight jacket to choose from. The all black version is customized with a monochrome patch of Twigs’ face. Both of the white versions feature a print by Monreal and tailored and customized by Leo Velasquez and Angel Rodriguez II. The difference between them is the stand out piece of the collection. One of the white flight jackets comes customized with Swarovski crystals as Twigs’ tears for £265. However, both of the white flight jackets are currently sold out.

The lady herself has spoken to social media to promote her new, exciting merchandise posting on Instagram, “go to my website to see the merchandise and if you get anything send me photos of you wearing it using the hashtag #FKAme so I can post my favourites on my tumblr <3”.

Alongside the clothes, her store also includes her LP’s, tour posters from the UK and USA dates and an unscented candle with her infamous lyric ‘When I trust you we can do it with the lights on’.

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