Event Review: Percolate

Who? Percolate Party
When? Sat, 20 Jun 2015
Where? Shapes: Hackney Wick

The Percolate parties have continually proved that prioritising fun is a foolproof recipe for success.

Percolate | Photo by Daddy's Got Sweets
Percolate | Photo by Daddy’s Got Sweets

Since starting in 2012, they have organised events all over London, and have consistently used great venues and attracted premium artists to spin at their parties as previous headliners include Gerd Janson, Chez Damier and Jeremy Underground Paris.

Too often London events take themselves too seriously, and end up getting lost in their own pretension. Finding an event that manages to avoid the condescending purism of the underground scene by simply focusing on putting on a fun party, while dictating a forward thinking music policy is a welcoming break. This ethos is encapsulated within the two guys that run the event; Fred and Simon.

Percolate | Photo by Daddy's Got Sweets
Percolate | Photo by Daddy’s Got Sweets

Percolate brought the Berlin party style to London, starting at 2pm and finishing 24 hours later! Situated at Shapes in Hackney Wick, the event was splayed across the canal side, and had three different stages with different genres; the canal side playing host to funk and disco cuts, the terrace stage pumping out rolling house beats and the indoor warehouse rightfully playing techno. Unfortunately the weather God’s were not so gracious on this day, as the party was dampened by heavy showers throughout the afternoon. However, suitable overhead cover meant that everyone was still able to enjoy the day, without getting too wet.

One of the greatest moments of the day came at about 4:30 where the Samba Drum Ensemble took control of the canal side and played live in front of everyone. What a better way to set up a party atmosphere than a Samba band! People were visibly impressed by the skills of the ensemble and the daringness of Percolate to book them. By the end of their set they had managed to get everybody moving and had set the tone for the rest of the day.

Ison at Percolate
Ison @ Percolate | Photo by Daddy’s Got Sweets

Joey Negro was up next on the terrace and he elevated the party atmosphere even further. Skilfully manoeuvring between house and disco, he put a smile on everyone’s face and got everyone in the mood for a righteous boogie. A highlight was when he played Deetron’s “Photon”, in which the piano chords graciously pierced the air to create a vibe that even the rain could not disrupt. However, further rain meant a trip inside the warehouse, in which Ison was spinning, and the crowd was welcomed by some thick, melodic techno. Using the beautiful Rane mixer, he played a sophisticated, pumping set which was met by a sea of blue Shazam screens in the crowd, an indicator of the quality of his tracklist.

By the evening the event was fully populated, and as the darkness was falling it only meant that people were going in even harder. The secret guest performer that had been promised turned out to be Midland, who was met by great excitement, as quite simply he’s pretty awesome. Flying in straight from Sonar in Barcelona, he upped the tempo and tested the sound system by deploying some huge breakbeat techno, mixed with some disco samples to maintain the vibe of the party.

The crescendo of the event was Tom Trago taking the reins at 12:30 with his set being a masterclass in house and disco. He created an astonishing party vibe and seemed to be having the most fun out of everyone.

Percolate | Photo by Daddy's Got Sweets
Percolate | Photo by Daddy’s Got Sweets

Special credit must be given to Mad Ferret for setting up the decor of the event and creating some seriously cool festival vibes. However the thing that championed everything else was the tone of the party. Its prioritization of fun brought a great crowd to the event, and was a testament to show that all you need to throw a good party is good DJ’s, a good sound system, and a good crowd. As long as you bring the fun, everything else is irrelevant. This event was a confirmation that Percolate throws some of the best parties in London.

Some special tracks from the event:
Thundercat – O Shiet It’s X!
Deetron – Photon
Talaboman – Sideral (Matt Karmil Remix)
Tom Trago – Use Me Again

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