Event Review: Jackmaster at Stealth

When? 24th April, 2015
Where? STEALTH, Nottingham

Jackmaster at Stealth, Nottingham
Jackmaster at Stealth, Nottingham

Jackmaster’s return to Nottingham has been a long time coming. Having headlined Dollop over a year ago, he’s since been unusually absent. Over that year, he has been recognised by pretty much anyone who likes dance music as a master selector. His sets at festivals across Europe and his XOYO residencies have been met with high acclaim.

There was worry beforehand about how many people would attend, as semesters at both Nottingham Universities had not officially started yet. Students usually pack out Stealth and there was a chance that Jackmaster would be playing to an empty dance floor. Fortunately, this was not the case, and the club was fairly full for the entire night.

StealthJackmaster is notoriously unpredictable in his selections and the genres he mixes range from funk to Berlin-esque techno. What was perhaps most surprising about the night was that it incorporated both of those genres and everything in-between. The music at the start was quite eclectic, a mash-up of euphoric house and deep techno, a combination that was actually very successful, providing both hands in the air rapture and booming drops that erupted from Stealth’s Funktion One all night, and resulted in an accessible set for all dance music fans.

Jackmaster started spinning at 1:30 and his arrival brought a huge cheer from the crowd, exemplifying his undisputed popularity. He began with a few melodic tunes that caught everyone’s attention; some were fairly recognisable, being played a lot recently by the Numbers crew. A lot of the songs seemed to have a funk influenced vocals, followed by a blistering drop. The result was pandemonium from the crowd.

His song selection was refreshingly creative, both pleasing the crowd (his rewind of Mind, Body and soul was a memorable moment) yet challenging them, demonstrating an eclectic and high quality set. A lot of the songs were fairly deep and dark, responding to the Stealth surroundings. However, his funk infusion into every song made it impossible not to dance to, and the vibe was wonderful. Everyone was getting lost in the moment and that is actually quite special.

Jackmaster proved his status as one of the best DJ’s in the world with a great set. It was technically –almost- flawless, and it was exceptionally varied, containing everything from acid to an Al Green sample. His energy and selections maintained a sense of fun, something sometimes lacking in the club scene, which was reflected in the crowd.

An excellent start to Stealth’s birthday celebrations.

Jackmaster at Stealth, Nottingham
Jackmaster at Stealth, Nottingham


Some Songs from the Night:

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