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Hey there! I would like to thank you for taking the time to send us an e-mail whether it is to submit your music, promote an artist or recommend us something. Due to the increasing volume of messages we receive daily, we decided to add one more section to our contact list. Unfortunately, we can not always reply to your messages because of work-load, but we can assure you that we read all of them very carefully. You are WEEKID!

  • If you are an aspiring artist or a PR who would like to promote your work, just make sure you choose the right “field” below. We have an eclectic taste and we believe our vision is very clear. So, if you wouldn’t expect to see a specific artist on this website, then you might as well find a more relevant publisher.
  • If you are an advertiser please choose “other” so your e-mail will be redirected to a different address.