Cafe Lanai – Lanai

Cafe Lanai – Lanai


Lanai is the debut single of Café Lanai’s Paradise EP, and what a fitting title that is, as this song is the perfect soundtrack to those late, unforgettable summer nights.

Last year saw artists like Klingande and Bakermat enjoy great success through a breakthrough in the “Instagram house” genre. Dubbed this mainly because their respective music videos consist of beautiful, hippy-looking young people waltzing around fields and beaches without a care in the world, all shot through a soft filter. Although this sounds trashy, this is not a derogatory term; as songs like One Day and Jubel are spectacularly warm and happy, with top-notch production to match. Lanai is reminiscent to this genre of music.

This is largely due to the soft, warming piano chords, which remain steadfast throughout the track and are very relaxing. While the saxophone enjoyed great success last year, the subtlety and elegance of these chords lead the charge for the resurgence of the piano. The chords, combined with a kick drum that relentlessly increases in energy throughout the track, catch the soft notes of the piano to create an infectious toe-tapping groove.

The dreamy vocal part, although slightly distorted and quite haunting, is really elegant and not too harsh, creating an ambient feel to the song, which gives it a new layer. An indicator of the complexity of the track.

The minimalism of the song works in its favour, as the lack of big production and the softness of it means that it is a very relaxing song. It feels like a mix between something you would hear on the immensely popular YouTube channel “Majestic Casual”, mixed with an Âme type sound, thus concluding that Lanai will likely have a wide base of popularity and consequently enjoy a lot of success.

A melodic, alternative summer song that is both as epic as it is soothing!

Cafe Lanai‘s “Paradise” EP is out June 30th on Hybridity Music.

Cafe Lanai - Lanai
Cafe Lanai – Lanai


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