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Gwilym Gold – Muscle


*Spoiler Alert: What happens when a turtle, a bonsai, a cat and a naked female dancer meet for the first time?

Last week we featured Gwilym Gold’s new single Muscle in our best tracks of the week including a small teaser of the video, here. Now it’s time to enjoy the cinematic full version combining aural and visual pleasure, featuring Fernanda Munoz-Newsome completely naked for artistic purposes.


Perfume Genius – Queen


*Spoiler Alert: Pigs inside an elevator, gigantic prawns for dinner, and lots of attitude to look fabulous even when you are jumping off a roof.

Mike Hadreas passive – aggressive persona Perfume Genius is back and he’s as striking as ever. Queen finds Hadreas celebrating the “terrifying” impact an openly gay man can have among other gay men. Too Bright is out September 23 via Matador records. Until then, put on your heels or borrow some and discover the power of your inner queen. Sashay.


The Slow Revolt – Never Get Close


*Spoiler Alert: A black and white close-up of lip-sync and guitar riff.

Last month in our interview with the Slow Revolt we featured a shot of “Never Get Close” before it was released. Now it’s time to watch our boy Joe Mirza, directed by Sam Mardon / Onemanfilm, singing in a dark corner in South London. Turn off your lights and sing along.


Douglas Dare – Nile


*Spoiler Alert: Mother nature invaded by a mysterious blond girl when she suddenly vanishes into thin air.

State of the art label, Erased Tapes‘ signee Douglas Dare has been on the spotlight of this year’s best artists. His latest video launched a few weeks ago and we just can’t get enough of it. Rob Chiu set mannequins on fire while shooting this video in the British countryside and Douglas’ voice set our hearts on fire. We had the chance earlier this year to interview monsier Dare while still launching the WeekID, read more here.


Movement – Ivory


*Spoiler Alert: A naked ginger couple indulging in sexual intercourse – in slow motion – inside a bizarre cubic object.

We opened this new “best of” selection with an artistic nude (NSFW) performance and we should finish the same way.
A strictly Not Safe For Work video, we are not joking, has just been released from the Sydney – based trio Movement. Fleur & Manu take the bizarre love triangle into the next level and turn it into a polygonal cube of pleasure and superficial activity. Enjoy!


Best Videos of the week | WeekID
Best Videos of the week | WeekID

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