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Ben Frost - A U R O R A
Ben Frost – A U R O R A


It’s been a while since the prolific and genre-defying artist that is Ben Frost, released an album. Intensity, experimentation and taste-making has always been a focus in his savage soundscapes. Being strongly associated with the art/cultural world through his diversified collaborations for  soundtracks, films or operas; Ben’s music knows no boundaries.

Frost’s fifth studio album, A U R O R A, seems short in length, but impeccably polished and lavish. It shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the rest of his team on his latest effort are the drummer Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy), Thor Harris (SWANS) and Shahzad Ismaily.

A U R O R A is full of  complexities, layers of merciless noise that build upon layers of heavy percussions and droning synths. An undoubtedly uneasy listening album for “trained ears” and open minds. – Ioannis Diakonikolas

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Listening to Ben Frost’s latest offering, it’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years since its predecessor, By The Throat. The time away from studio albums has been filled with writing music for film, opera and recording houses being pulled across the Congo. As some may have heard from his recent live sets, A U R O R A spells a slightly new direction for Frost; as the title may suggest, this album is pretty uplifting. There’s still the trademark sub assaults and the punishing percussions, but the synth work in tracks such as Nolan and Secant is as euphoric as it gets.

I may even say this is my favourite work of Ben Frost to date. And for those that disagree, just listen to Sola Fide on repeat for your dose of aggression. The worst thing about this album is that, following its official release, we’re the furthest point in time away from Frost’s next release, and given the progression that A U R O R A displays, I’m already excited. Scott R. White

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My first contact with this record was after seeing Ben Frost performing it at the cavernous Village Underground. A billowing cloud of noise, percussion and distorted synth engulfed the senses. A U R O R A is intense and immersive, raw but beautiful. The percussion and beats feel alive, constantly evolving and on the charge. A tribal quality permeates, undoubtedly owing to the location of it’s conception (Eastern DR Congo). My personal favourites are Nolan, Secant and Venter. These erupt with euphoric synth lines that scythe through the darkness and lend a somewhat 80’s sci-fi film theme.

I urge you not to listen to this on anything but some decent on-ear headphones or monitors. Frost delivers with aplomb a well-balanced and noisy affair!
Go lose yourself in this staggering release. – Michael Oldham

8 Ioannis Diakonikolas for TheWEEKiD
9 Scott R. White
8 Michael Oldman

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