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ANHONI - Antony Hegarty


I wanna see this world, I wanna see it boil,” Antony Hegarty wails with depravity on ‘4 Degrees’ her first single in years. The debut release from Hegarty’s ANOHNI project, is a brutal indictment on the hypocrisy of an oversaturated Western lifestyle, and a reflection on the effect it is bound to have on the natural world. Based on an analysis from earlier this year – revealing that the impact of the current pace of greenhouse gas emissions will likely make the Earth’s temperature rise by four degrees Celsius by the end of the century, thus threatening the extinction of one in six of the planet’s species – ‘4 Degrees’ functions as a nimble utterance on excessive behaviour, a sympathy statement for the ones fighting for environmental justice at the climate talks.

Listening closely to ANOHNI’s ethical sentiment, it becomes clear that the song shares the ferocity of Peter Gabriel’s whistling tunes, and the sweeping chasms of Kate Bush cloudbusting. The brass tactics at play echoes down a long line of existential anthems, but the natural counterpart of ‘4 Degrees’, is the thomping and aggressive ‘Shout’ by Tears for Fears: The larger-than-life musical template follows the function of the lyrical intricacies, granting ANOHNI a fateful template to sing of a monochromatic future. ‘4 Degrees’, however, is not an act of defiance – it is the sound of taking down your guard, and let someone break your heart. A brutal vision of devastation and beauty all in the same breath.

Antony Hegarty’s album under the name ANOHNI is called HOPELESSNESS and will be out in the spring of 2016. The forthcoming record, along with its first single ‘4 Degrees’, is co-produced with Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never.

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