Anenon – Mouth

Anenon - Mouth


Anenon (Brian Allan Simon) is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who creates experimental music influenced by a diverse range of genres including jazz, electronica and classical. He is the founder of L.A. based label Non Projects which since 2010 has been responsible for releasing modern music that they describe as “un-categorizable” but informed by “electronic, free jazz, ambient and folk” sources. Whilst Non Projects has established itself amongst L.A’s highly regarded experimental music and contemporary arts scene, Anenon has had the privilege to release music outside of his own imprint on labels including Ghostly International and Friends of Friends.

As a musician, Anenon is highly productive with Petrol set to be his third album in almost as many years. This album will see him return to Friends of Friends and follows his EP Camembert, released in October of this year. Camembert displayed the extent of Anenon’s ability to fuse multiple styles, contrasting traditional instrumental solos with ambient and experimental electronica. Mouth is the first track to be made available from his forthcoming album, Petrol, which is to be released in March 2016. Improvisation is central to Anenon’s creative process, and this level of harmonious unpredictability becomes abundantly clear in Mouth. The track is formed around multiple layers of interplaying arpeggiated synth riffs, with new lines added and altered wherever the improvisation desires. The track is beatless, driven by melody and a throbbing bassline, peaking in intensity around the halfway mark before haunting vocal snippets and an eerie saxophone line bring the piece to a close.

It is always engaging to listen to music comprised of so many different elements and to experience a talented improviser demonstrate their seemingly limitless capacity to create new sounds and effects. Mouth prepares us for an album that is set to be full of experimental excellence, however, due to the spontaneous nature of improvisation, the taster track doesn’t let us get any closer to predicting exactly what Petrol will bring.

AnenonPetrol will be released on Friends of Friends on March 4th 2016.

Anenon - Mouth | Petrol
Anenon – Petrol

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