Aggborough – Modal

Aggborough – Modal

Aggborough - Modal
WeekID tracks: Aggborough – Modal

Aggborough is the new techno focussed project of William Green (formerly one half of the duo Joe and Will Ask), with “Bats/Modal” being Aggborough’s second contribution to the ever impressive Belgian label, OTB Records. The label’s Resident Advisor page declares that their aim is to release techno with a “unique and exploratory sound” and Aggborough’s release certainly fulfils these. The A-side is taken by the more out rightly dance floor ready “Bats”, with Green producing a slow builder, gradually increasing in intensity with the addition of each new percussive element. “Bats” morphs into unrelenting and percussion heavy beast that comes into full-force as the crashing snares are unleashed in the final break; this is certainly one for those special explosive peak time moments.

“Modal” is a fitting B-side to Aggborough’s EP. Like “Bats”, the track builds, morphs and takes unexpected turns, bringing you on a journey with it. However, the mood is different with “Modal”. The track opens with atmospheric and ethereal sounds, which are soon accompanied by a melancholic voice, pondering the circular patterns in nature and life. Percussion slowly builds alongside a looming bassline, creating a sense of tension as the voice declares how they “don’t like loud noises”. The track breaks for the final time, as if in defiance of the voice the “loud noises” of the percussion and the harmonies come to the forefront, subduing the vocals entirely. Following this final burst of energy you are returned in a circular fashion to the atmospheric chords that opened. “Modal” is very much a journey, one suited to be embarked upon alone through headphones or collectively on the right dance floor at the right time. With the versatility presented in Aggborough’s “Bats/Modal” EP, I look forward to what’s next from the producer and OTB Records.

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